Golems & Mech Companions

Adventuring the world of The Iron Wolf can be dangerous, hence the fellowship of some good companions are advised. Preferably are always players but sometimes a good pet, brigand or other companion can be a game changer as well.

Besides the before mentioned pets and brigands, you can also involve yourself with Golems and Mechanicals on The Iron Wolf.

Anyone may call forth a Golem or a Mechanical companion, all it requires are some ingredients and some skill in: Tinkering, Spiritspeak, Magery and Anatomy. – The higher the skill, the better the Companion.

Once you gathered the ingredients and have the needed skill, you can seek out one of the Shadow Orbs Of Animation, which can be found around the world, both inside and outside cities.

There is no chance to fail the creation of the selected companion, if you fullfill the requirements.

Each companion will be brought into this world using shadow magic, and its strength depends on your ability (the before mentioned skills)

See a detailed overview of the differences between the companions below: