Server Info

The Iron Wolf UO Shard is the spiritual successor of the 2006 – 2016 Northern Light Shard, it is hosted and maintained by the same crew from back then.

The Iron Wolf however runs the latest SPhere Server X version, rather than the old v.56d, furthermore the Iron Wolf is not intended to emulate the old Northern Light server, it is a new world, with new ideas, systems and features, we merely kept the best from the Northern Light, and then added a lot on top.

What Is The Iron Wolf?

The Iron Wolf is intended to become the home for mainly PVE and adventuros oriented Ultima Online players, who dont mind straying away from the path of original Ultima lore, simply to find a new surprise and challanging encounter around any corner.


The Iron Wolf is currently under development and has been since september 2019. Players are welcome to join, but be advised that the server is still undergoing massive changes, as well as most parts of the world still remain unspawned/decorated.

However if you should choose to join, you will play a key position in defining the shard to be, all players who help Beta test will have a say in the ongoing development of the server. We maintain a growing Discord community where commands as: “.suggestion” & “.bug” are available for the Beta testers, ensuring that all bugs and ideas gets logged. Up until now 90% of all suggestions made by players have either been approved or already implemented.

Logging of change-requests is available in our Discord channel

We urge all players to involve us in any thaught, idea or change-request they might have in regards of the development of the server, we are very oriented on creating aworld that you can call home, and a world you all helped to create.

Ultima Online or Custom Lore?

The Iron Wolf is kept in a UO retro-oriented fashion, yet with many custom changes, we do not intend to follow any Ultima lore, so our monsters, weapons and items may have other names, attributes and uses as what normal Ultima lore dictates.

Many of our skills follow normal Ultima Online (OSI) regulations, yet a fair share of them are remade ionto custom versions which we think are better.

Crafting menus are also all enhanced with a custom overlay, but also utelizing the old pre-AOS menu.

All crafting menus are overhauled with a custom pre-selector for the original crafting menu

If you chose to journey to the lands of The Iron Wolf you will find many more strange, custom systems which you will need to grow accustomed to, but we think that all our custom implementations help to bring the classic Ultima Online feeling to you, yet adding some new spirit to the elderly yet epic game.

When is Beta Over?

Beta is currently ongoing and will be for a while, we have no intensions of wiping any characters, so whatever you and your avatar achieve, it will last into full release. We however have no set date for relase, as we will take the time it takes to do it right.