Melee Combat Additions

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We are currently working on a Melee combat overhaul, so it becomes just as rewarding and effective as magery, or using pets, or maybe combining all three.

The first step of this overhaul was to add some passive melee effects, which are now implemented.

All weapon types: Swords, Axes, Staves, Daggers, Maces, Bows, Etc. now all come with two unique passive skills. All of them have 1 unblockable, critical dmg ability. And all of them have one other, unique passive ability than can trigger. Some abilities deplete the enemies stamina, other the mana, some heal the user, some AOE all players, etc. etc.

In order to better keep track of your trigger chances and passive weapon abilities we have re-scripted the Armslore skill to give just those insights for you.

  • Enjoy this first installment of the new, Melee Combat Overhaul.

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