Breeding Basics

We offer a full Animal Breeding system, with all the bells and whistles.

In order to start your Animal Breeding adventure you will need to buy a Breeders Crook at any Animal Trainer vendor. Once you have the crook, you need any Male and Female pet of same race, they need to be bonded to you and have minimum 50 Loyalty Points each (Use Animal Lore to track this)

Once the pets have the 50 Loyalty points (gained via hunting and killing with your pets) you can start the breeding process.

The Breeders Crook will open a windows from which you will need to select first the Male, then the Female. Each selections shows you a percentage successrate based on your animal taming and animal lore skills versus the taming requirement of the selected pet. Once both a Male and a Female are selected, the system will calculate the overall successchance of breeding an offspring.

At the buttom part of the window you can see the potentially outcome of your breeding attempt. If you crossbreed it is random which body form the child will take, either that of the father or that of the mother.

However the stats and skills are always calculated the same way: (fathers skills and stats +mothers skills and stats / 2) + Your personal breeder bonus (which is calculated via your Animal Taming & Animal Lore, as wella s your Luck)

The skills and stats transferred are:

  • Str
  • Int
  • Dex
  • Maxhits
  • Physical resistance
  • Cold Resistance
  • Fire Resistance
  • Poison Resistance
  • Energy resistance
  • Tactics
  • Wrestling
  • Magic Resistance
  • Magery

If you succeed in Breeding the two animals, an offspring will be born exactly 10 hours later. Once born the offspring will be teleported to your current location at that time, and you will need to tame it. (requires 80.0 taming) So make sure to be in an safe enviroment once the timer reaches zero, (you can track it in the breeding menu) as the newborn will spawn with minimum life.

It does not matter if either parents die while the breeding timer runs, as the genes of the parents have been stored on you (invisible and newbied in your backpack) So even if you loose your most beloved pet in battle, if you made sure to store its genes for a breeding attempt, you still have a chance to bring part of it back.

All animals can be used for breeding 5 times, and it does not matter if you are succesfull or not, once an animal is selected it registeres one breeding attempt (in game called matings) so dont waste your attempts!

– Enjoy.