Crafting System & Menus

On The Iron Wolf the crafting menus consist of a mixture between custom and the oldschool classic UO menus.

When you first start the crafting process of any skill, a custom menu will appear, simply sorting the craftable items into categories. Once a category is selected, the classic crafting menu appears:

So there is no indication of successchance nor the option to craft bulk amounts like in the new standard UO crafting menu. We chose to do it this way, as this is the oldschool feeling we want to replicate, however with a new twist.

In the future the crafting system may change and become more intuitive, but for now this is how we want to start out.

Crafting Recipes

While exploring the world of The Iron Wolf, you might stumble across some very rare crafting recipies, theese recipies are used to create legendairy items of great power and value.

However, there is a limit to how many recipies you can learn, this is indicated by the batches at the buttom of each crafting menu.

Each skill can only hold 4 recipes. Once learned a recipe cannot be unlearned nor replaced by a new one.

Once you found a recipe you must take it to a “Stone of binding”, those are big, blue, runestones found in every major city.

The stone will ask you to target the recipe you wish to bind, once done, you are now eligible to craft the unique item as many times as you please, as long as you have the required skill and materials.

Once a recipe is bound at the Stone Of Binding, you will notice that the respective crafting skill has a “Batch” marked red now. When you hover over it it states which recipe you have bound in that slot. As soon as all 4 are red, you cannot learn more rare recipes for this skill.

This assures that all characters who go the way of the crafter, have a unique value, as not two characters will have the same four, rare recipes bound.