The Iron Wolf also offers a mainstory questline, which will introduce you to the lore of the land.

For now only ACT 1 is aviable and ACT 2 is planned to release in the beginning of 2024. The Main Questline will assure that you know the story of our world, but also assure that you have some healthy finansial aid to get your character started. The Questline starts out easy enough but will require some Character Development in order to complete.

In the future side quests will also be added, but for now only ACT 1 of the Main Questline is avaible, but besides this Questline we also offer “Challanges”

Challenges are basically the same as achievemnts, yet they come with much more valuable rewards, and some of theese rewards are even needed in order to advance your caharacter. So they are not a “nice to have” they are a “need to have”

Currently there are 12 Challenges, matching the age of the server. Every now and then more will be added, always increasing in difficulty.

This way players will always have something to do and aim for. New types of rewards will be added as well, and theese rewards wil be interlinked with requirements in the world, for example currently you can get Dungeon Tokens from completing some Challenges, those are needed to grant you access to dungeons.

In the future more of such dependencies will be added, giving the Challenges a high value and direct impact on your available content and possible progression in the world.