Combat Systems

NPC Difficulty Rating

All NPC’s you encounter will have atooltip information-window, in here you will see their: Name, Rating and Wards

The difficulty rating is a simple information of the overall stats and skills of the NPC, it is not measured up against your individual character. It is a guide for new players to know what they should stay clear of. As your skills and stats increase you might find that “Difficult” monsters not are as difficult any more, yet the tooltip remains the same, this is because their difficulty is simply measured up against the overall norm of the monsters.

The formula looks as follows:

Difficulty = (<maxhits>+<maxstam>+<maxmana>+<resphysical>+<resfire>+<rescold>+<respoison>+<resenergy>+<dam>)

The Ratings are as follows:

  • Very Weak = Difficulty 1 – 199
  • Weak = Difficulty 200 to 299
  • Normal = Difficulty 300 to 399
  • Above Normal = Difficulty 400 to 999 (wide range)
  • Hard = Difficulty 1000 to 2999 (wide range)
  • Very Hard = Above 3000
  • Elite = Unknown
  • Event Boss = Unknown
  • Region Boss = Unknown
  • Dungeon Boss = Unknown
  • World Boss = Unknown

As you may notice some of the categories have a wide range, this is to keep players “on their feet”, a “Hard” category monster can be fairly easy but another monster in same category can be pretty hard taking into account that they each could occupy either a lower or an upper end of the range. This way once players reach “mid-game” they need to learn the monster types, rather than just soley trust the “category”

The Elite and boss monsters dont function under the same score/rating system, as they may have custom spells, attacks and items which boost their power out of the ordinairy/measureable.

NPC Wards

When encountering a hostile NPC you will often see that many of them have “Wards” shown on the tooltips, followed by two numbers. One number shown in a light yellow’ish color and one number in a light purple’ish color.

The yellow number is the NPC’s ward for physical damage, the purple number is the NPC’s ward for magic damage.

Before a NPC actively will take life-damage one of the two wards need to break. If you attack the NPC with magic damage, the magic ward will slowly decrease with every spell cast upon the monster, once the Magic Ward is depleted the remaining damage from the cast spell will be applied to the monsters life, and from here on every spell will be able to damage the monster.

Everytime either of the wards block damage you will be able to see it in your lower left corner.

Please note that if you break the magic ward using magic spells and then shift to meele, the NPC will once again take no direct life-damage, untill you break its physical ward as well.

Some monsters have the ability to replenish some or all of their wards during battle.

Wards are calculated based on the monsters stats and skills that correspond with the ward-segments, for example the Physical ward is calculated based on the monsters strength, hitpoints, wrestling, macefighting, swordsmanship, fencing, dexterity and so on, while the magic ward is calculated based on the monsters magery skill, intelligence, mana and so forth.

Special NPC Ranks

When you go adventuring you may also encounter special NPC’s who hold special ranks, like: Elite, Event Boss, Region Boss, Dungeon Boss or even World Boss.

Needless to say that theese special ranked NPC’s are much more of a challenge to fight than your average NPC.

Ranked NPC’s are the mobs to slay if you wish to aquire artifacts and rares. Each Ranked NPC has its own unique Artifact and Relic to drop. Recipes may however be shared amongst many ranked NPC’s.

You can track all your monster slaying via the Orb Of Truth’s which can be found in every major city, here you will have a good overview of your monster hunting achievemnts.

Dungeon Boosted NPC’s

Once you gain the strength and skill to enter your first dungeon, you will encounter foes that are “Dungeon Boosted”

Every NPC spawned inside a dungeon gains a minor dungeon boost, enhancing its damage and max health. So if you meet a Frost Ettin otside a dungeon it would be slightly weaker than if you met the same Ettin inside a dungeon. Often you will also see “Dungeon Boosted” NPC’s having a single higher Difficulty rating than their “out of dungeons” counterparts.

Anatomy & Animal Lore Are Your Friends

As mentioned going into battle with monsters rated “Hard” and upwards can be a challange due to the wide range of that rating, therefore Anatomy is a key skill to grandmaster as soon as possible. It will help you measure up your foe from head to tail, giving you the knowledge which damage type to apply to each foe for highest possible damage output, preparing you in the best possible manner for each fight to come.