There is a multitude of pets available on the Iron-Wolf, and frankly exploring the server and overcomming its challenges is a lot easier with the help of some good and loyal companions.

Actually most of the challenges on the server are made with the idea in mind that all players would have some pets at their disposal, afterall, all skills can be mastered, so why not utelize Taming & Animallore as well.

All animals are tameable, as well as many monsters, dragons and even some undeads, so there is a lot of diversity to add to your stable.

Not only do looks and stats differ, but many tameables also come with “Special Abilities”

Having enough knowledge of Animal Lore can help you view theese Special Abilities. Each ability is shown within the Animal Lore menu with its name, its trigger chance in %, and remaing training to reach maximum trigger chance (the maximum is usually 35%)

So there is really no downside to keeping pets.

Furthermore pets can be trained in some skills via loyalty points, which they gain by fighting and slaying monsters, each 0,1 loyalty point can be exchanged for +0,1 Wrestling, Magic Resistance, Tactics or Magery skill within the Animal Lore menu. Pets can train to a maximum of 110.0 pr. skill.

Each 25,0 loyalty points can be exchanged for +1,0% trigger chance on their Special Ability to a maximum of 35% (with very, very few exceptions/pets that actually go to 100%) – Furthermore special abilites are rarely seen with a base-triggerchance (when tamed) higher than 15%.

When you aquire a pet you must double click it to bond with it, by bonding with it you assure that the pet actually never really can die, if it gets defeated in battle it just turns immobile and dormant, and can be resurrected simply be getting close to it and double clicking it again (it the returns to life with 1 hp)

Furthermore bonding assures that the pet tries to match your move speed, as well as always gets teleported to you if they fall behind.

Lastly bonding also sets the pets fame and karma to 1, assuring that if you tamed a “red pet”, once you bond with it, it is safe to bring into town. (what you do from there, and how you use your pet is up to you. But they always start with a “clean slate”)