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The food system has been overhauled, and now certain food types help you gain a +5 buff to either Str, Dex or Stamina.

You gain a +5 Dex. bonus as long as your keep your vitamin D (gained from eating fish) over 25%

You gain a +5 Str. bonus as long as your vitamin B (gained from eating meats) is over 25%

You gain a +5 Int. bonus as long as your vitamin C (gained from eating fruits and veggies) is over 25%

How many % of each Vitamin the food gives depends on the food type, so its worth testing and tasting what gives the largest boost, before your overall food level rises to 100% and you are too full to eat more.

Naturally each vitamin can also only be buffed up to 100%

Both food and vitamin levels decrease the more active you are (fighting, harvesting and so on will drain it faster than just idling in town)

Having all vitamin levels at 0% will give you no debuffs, so its only a pure bonus feature.

However having overall low food levels will give you debuffs and periodic damage.

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