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Step-by-step Guide

  1. Go to the downloads section (click here)
  2. Download Ultima Online Classic (Top box)
  3. Install and run UO.exe / UOPatch.exe
  4. Let the game fully patch
  5. Go to the downloads section again (click here)
  6. Download our custom files (Middle box)
  7. Extract custom files into main Ultima Online game folder
  8. Go to the downloads section one last time (click here)
  9. Download ClassicUO client (Buttom box)
  10. Install Classic UO (best placed inside UO folder)
  11. Run ClassicUOlauncher.exe
  12. Select “Edit Profile”
  13. Press “Add”
  14. Give the new profile a name (for example Iron Wolf)
  15. Fill in “IP” Port: 2593
  16. Fill in your login credentials (free account creation is: Active)
  17. Fill in your game directory path (where is your UO installed)
  18. ClassicUO will auto detect the clientversion
  19. Press “save profile”
  20. Press “back”
  21. Launch game from main menu by selecting your newly created profile
  22. Enjoy! – and see you online!

NOTE: As for client version in ClassicUO, we currently recommend inputting/using version: (And check mark the “Use Encryption”) while using this client. – As this is currently our tested and most stable client. Other versions may work without issues as well. – So test at your own accord.

Once connected the server listing page will contain two server selections to choose from, as seen below:

One is the internal test server for new patches and more, this one is not accessible. The other one is named The Iron Wolf and that is the one you should select.

And remember, if you for any reason do not wish to use ClassicUO client, but use the origional, remember to change login.cfg in the UO directory to:,2593

Razor & ClassicUO

If you are planning on macroing or just want the Razor support, fear not, Razor also works with ClassicUO and vice versa.

First head over to Razor Download here: and download the latest version, make sure it is the compatible with ClassicUO version of Razor (usually the top-one under “downloads”)

Once you have run ClassicUO the first time it will create a folder inside your UO installation named: ClassicUO

Inside ClassicUO folder navigate to: Data/Plugings and extract the Razor files.

Once files are extracted, launch ClassicUO and go to settings (the small gears next to the login button) and press the “plugins” banner at the top. Now you should be able to checkmark Razor.exe. Remember to press “save profile”

Now when you start UO via ClassicUO, Razor starts with it. – Simple as that.

New Player Experience & Ingame Character Creator

Once you create your account (free account creation is active, so simply type in a username and password) the server will create two new characters for you, as seen below

To start character creation, simplys elect one of the two “New Character” buttons.

Once you do this the game will instantly launch, skipping the usual Ultima Online Character creator.

Instead you will enter the world as a ghost, in an ancient crypt. From here you must read and follow the clues as to why you are here, and why you have been awakened.

Once you investigate the area and find the portal back to the mortal realm, you get to create your caharacter.

Everything happens in-game, and you get to choose race, gender, stats, skills and a name.

Once you are done and press the green “Okay” key, there is no turning back, you instantly get teleported to Britain where your adventure begins.