Please note that roadmap may change depending on bugreports, player requests, and additional implementations requested by the community or identified by the staff. – So please share all your ideas and thoughts in our Discord, so we can take them up to consideration and possibly add them to the roadmap.

Q2 2022

  • Mastercraft menu option for all crafting skills.
  • Spawning of Trinsic.
  • Spawning of areas between Trinisc, Britain & Minoc.
  • Add: “Crafted by” when crafting items.
  • Add functionality to the crafting quality categories.
  • Add “bulk” function to all crafting menus.

Q3 2022

  • Finalize Tinkering skill
  • (New ingame chat system.)
  • Newcommer Dunegon.
  • Spawning of Yew & Vesper
  • Adding Dungeon Vendors
  • Voting reward-system.
  • Spawning of Fire Dungeon & Britain Sewers.
  • Adding Golem & Mech assembly stations (and system).
  • Add more resourceregions on the map (mines & more).
  • Weapon & Armor enchantment scrolls (inscription.)
  • NPC AI overhaul for citizens (Sharing hints and secrets).
  • Stresstest the Party & Pet system.
  • Add more Artifacts, Relics and Legendaries.
  • Guild-stone system overhaul & stresstest.

Q4 2022

  • Spawning of Skara Brae, Serpents Hold & Jhelom
  • Spawning of Moonglow, Buccaneers Den, Nujel’m, Magencia & Occlo.
  • Spawning of Hythloth, Shame & Prism of Light dungeons.
  • Spawning of Covetus, Wrong, Destard & Despise dungeons
  • Adding new Quests/Achievements
  • Add player-vendor system.
  • Overhaul of all skills & completion of few missing skills
  • NPC overhaul for mercenaries (new system, with more benefits and functionality for the use of mercenaries)
  • Revamp of Weapons.