The money maker profession of the Dweller

With the Racial skill: Salvaging the Dweller race is able to “recycle” any item that yields a Itemscore into its raw materials, this includes resoruces for all upgrades, imbues, enchantments and other improvements that have been done to the item.

There is no resource loss or penalty, the “only” risk is however that the Dweller brakes the item in the process of salvaging it, but a skilled Dweller can easily repair the item again, and try the salvaging attemp a’new.

As the Dweller gains Salvaging skill, the risk of breaking the item and rather successfully salvage it, increases alongside the skill. The complexity of the salvaging attempt depends on the items Itemscore.

The Dweller needs nothing more than his/hers mighty salvaging hammer, no need to be near a forge or anvil, so the salvaging can be done anywhere, anytime.

Some resources in the world are only obtainable through salvaging non-craftable items like: relics or artifacts, making the dweller a potentially very wealthy individual.

There is no cooldown, no gold cost, no stats cost, only pure benefit. The only requirement is however that the item is not broken, and has been identified prior to salvaging.

Once salvaged the item naturally is gone forever.

The salvaging skill progress can only be seen from the salvaging menu window, it is not represented in the overall skill-list, as it is a totally custom skill.