Getting Started

Getting started on the Iron Wolf is very basic. The first thing you need to do is get your skills and stats up, may it be because you are itching to go out and fighting monsters, or you want to start crafting.

Fighting without health or mana nor skills is no good, neither is crafting if you have no strength to carry anything.

The easiest way to get your skills going is to seek out vendors and see what they can train you (for a fee), this is easily done by simple clicking them once.

In the cities you will also find villagers, as theese goodfolk dont work for you, you cant simply click them to get training, you need to talk to them and see if they maybe can teach you a thing or tow, do so by typing “train”.

If they can teach you something you can say “train itemID” for example, and the villager will tell you how much gold you need to drop onto him/her to be brought to 30.0 at that skill.

Once you have your skills at 30.0 (which is max vendors and villagers can train yo to) you can start hitting the dummys if you are working on some fighting skills, this allows you to further advance your skill to 50.0 while at the same time gaining much needed stats.

If you however want to train magery or something where a dummy is of no use, there is fast way to do it, best approach is to use the skill or macro it.

There are a few places that are good for beginners.

There are some hidden catacombs beneath Britain where young players can go and kill some low level monsters.

Or you can venture just outside Britain Bridge and slay some headless.

Close to Britain you will also find one of the rare Blue Water Imps, this monster is very weak and does low damage, but is immune to all damage types except magical fire damage, so this is a good spot to train many fighting skills and magic as well.

Good luck on your adventures newcommer!