The Digging System

When exploring the world of The Iron Wolf, you need to keep your eyes open and your mind sharp, many hidden treasures can be found by those who are alert.

In the picture above we have discovered “Suspicious Soil” which can be dug in by using a shovel. Suspicious Soil spawns randomly on the entire map.

After using the shovel on the Suspicious Soil you have a chance to dig up random loot. The loot includes: Resources, Reagents, Containers, Artifacts, Locked Containers (Lockpicking) and much more.

Your successchance is based on this formula: “(tracking + Mining) / 10 + Luck” This is then held up against a random roll between 1 and 500 everytime you dig, if your digging skill (the formula above) is higher than the random roll, you find treasure.

You may dig up loot that requires further skills to access or identify, so the digging skill is a good companion for traders or crafters, or people who just seek to make a little extra money. Camping and Mining are the key skills for digging.