Four Paths To Choose From

The Iron Wolf is home to four distinct races, each race very different from the other, and each with pros and cons to play. Each race has a rich background lore, and each come with one unique skill, one unique ability and each a different base resistance. – All races can wear all armor types, wield all weapons and master all skills (except the below listed racial skills)


“A most capable and versitlie race, blessed with brute force and survivability. A good all-round choise for the brave adventurer, trader and craftsman. Humans excel in almost everything they do, and they spread as the plague, especially battle and war is a segment in which they are most effective thanks to thier unmatched sturdiness.

  • Racial Skill: Camping
  • Racial Ability: +1 Extra log when lumberjacking
  • Racial Resistance: +4 Fire Resistance

The camping skill is a powerfull survival skill which incorporates both foraging for otherwise unobtainable food and resources, but it also lets you craft a multitude of usable campfires which can help you battle the enviroment or sooth you and your parties wounds.


“A noble race, eternal and undying, age is but only the increase of wisdom to them, and not the coming of the end. The elves have the strongest bond to nature of any race in the realm and they posses long forgotten magic which roamed the realm aeons ago. Some say that the elves were created by mother nature herself, to watch over her lands as the left this realm with the coming of men”

  • Racial Skill: Imbuing
  • Racial Ability: +2 Follower Slots
  • Racial Resistance: +4 Energy Resistance

The imbuing skill is an ancient skill powered by long forgotten magic, only elves posess the wisdom og knowlegde to harness the power of long lost relic fragments and transfer their power into new and prestine armors, weapons and clothing.


“Considered descendants of the mighty Dwarves, yet Dwellers stand as tall as a Human but as robust and long-lived as a Dwarf, some say they are the result of generations of Human and Dwarf breeding, some say they were there alongside the mighty Dwarves at the beginning of the realm, the only thing we know for sure is that they prefer the darkness of their mighty undercities and they have inherited their ancestors greed for gold”

  • Racial Skill: Salvaging
  • Racial Ability: +1 Extra ore when mining
  • Racial Resistance: +4 Cold Resistance

The Salavaging skill is a skill utelized via the mighty salvaging hammer which a Dweller always holds handy. As the Salavaging skill increases a Dweller can salvage any item no matter complexity or rarity into its core resources without much loss, making a Dweller able to collect resources otherwise unobtainable, thereby offering a very profitable way of living.


“Not dead, not alive. Not evil nor good. The Soulless wander the realm forsaken and forgotten, not welcome in hell and not welcome in heaven. Some choose to go in solitude and vanish in the vastness of the realm spending eternity alone, other seek redemption for their sins in life and spend their afterlife quite active and engaged in the community. A soulless is eternal unless killed, yet they have a special bond with the netherworld, able to summon aid and even resurrect themselves.”

  • Racial Skill: Necromancy
  • Racial Ability: Legion
  • Racial Resistance: +4 Poison Resistance

The Necromancy skill allows the Soulless to summon forth powerfull allies from the netherworld as well as transform into a mighty being from the Netherworld with increased stats and resistance. Necromancy is fueled by the racial skill: “Legion” which passively attracts souls, this happens rather slowly, except when in areas where Death resides (like graveyards)

The Legion skill however is also triggered actively everytime the Soulless takes a live (makes a kill).

Legion furthermore heals the Soulless for +5 life everytime souls attach to the Soulless (both actively and passively).