Dungeons are an exciting challenge here on the Iron Wolf. Each dungeon has its own unique biome and conditions linked, what this means is each dungeon will be complete with unique monsters, resoruces, loot and enviromental challanges, lets take Ice Dungeon as an example.

In front of each dungeon you will find a Dungeon Scout, this scout will help you assess the dungeon and the dangers awaiting you inside. The Scout also gives you a backstory of the dungeon so you better can follow the lore.

For ice dungeon the lore is that it once was inhabitet by Dwarves, hence a very unique and rare forge is still residing inside the Ice Dungeon, and everything forged on that specific forge will be enhanced with cold magic. Needless to say the forge is heavily protected.

However the monsters that now inhabit the dungeon, naturally also uses the forges magic, so all items you will find inside the Ice Dungeon are all special colored and have boosted stats. This is true for all weapons and all armors.

Also worth mentioning is that every monster spawned inside an Dungeon will be dungeon boosted, this means they will have slightly increased stats and be slightly harder to battle compred to if they were spawned outside the dungeon.

Inside all Dungeons you will also encounter dungeon Effigys, these Effigys when activated will grant you Dungeon Score for the specific dungeon you are in. Dungeon Score is traded for unique items at the Explorer League Houses around the world (one for each dungeon)

All weapons and armors found inside dungeons can also be donated/traded for Dungeon Score at each bank.

Besides the Effigys and donating unique dungeon weapons and armors, killing any monster inside a dungeon will also grant you Dungeon Score for that specific dungeon, so its gathered rather quickly.

However, entering an Explorers League House comes with a pricetag of 1.000 Dungeon Score for the specific dungeon, and then afterwards each item purchased inside the house also comes with a Dungeon Score Pricetag, so it is drained just as quickly as its gathered. The items found inside the Explorer Legaue Houses are usefull items which cannot be aquired otherwise, mostly they are dungeon colored workbenches and furniture, as well as special potions, brews, scrolls and boosts. You will however not find weapons or armor in theese houses.