Player & Character

Hunger System

We start out with the basics, the Hunger System.

Everybody gets hungry and your Ultima Online character is no different. When hunger sets in you will feel the consequences rather quickly.

Hunger gradually depletes the more active you are, so if you sit still on a bench and Macro all night, you will loose very little food / gain very little hunger. If you on the other hand spend several hours out adventuring and fighting, you will burn through your food / gain hunger rather quickly. The more load you carry also takes its toll on how fast you burn through your food level.

Monitoring your food level is not hard, you can use an “Orb Of Truth” to gain insight to your current food level, furthermore you will periodically receive messages about your current hunger level. The maximum food level is 100 which equals 0% hungry.

Most hunger levels come with no consequences, but once you reach a critical low, you will start taking damage and loose stamina and mana, this is triggered every 30 secs.

  1. Food lvl 100 to 51 = No messages and no consequences.
  2. Food lvl 50 = “You are starting to get hungry”
  3. Food lvl 40 = “You are hungry”
  4. Food lvl 30 = “You are very hungry”
  5. Food lvl 20 = “You are extremely hungry” +1 Dmg.
  6. Food lvl 15 = “You are starving” +2 Dmg .
  7. Food lvl 10 = “Starvation (Rank 1) ” +3 dmg (Mana & Stam / 2)
  8. Food lvl 5 = ” Starvation (Rank 2) ” +4 dmg (Mana & Stam / 3)
  9. Food lvl 3 = “Starvation (Rank 3)” +5 dmg (Mana & Stam / 4)
  10. Food lvl 2 = “Starvation (Rank 4)” +6 dmg (Mana & Stam / 5)

Luckily replenishing your food level is not very hard, just open the hatch and down it goes. You can either cook your own food or simply buy or loot it at vendors or NPC’s around the world.

All food comes with a tooltip showing how much food will be gained/hunger will be decreased by eating the specific food. Players mastering the cooking skill will have access to food with much more potency than can ever be bought or looted.

When eating any food you will get a message about your current food level.

Pets will not start losing health when starving, they will however get unruly or may not obey while eventually deserting their master, if they are not frequently fed. For pets use the Animallore skill to see their food level and diet.

Regional Condition System

The “Regional Condition System” is a system added to give your armors and items as well as your personal resistances more value, and add an extra level of challange to certain areas. When fighting in the different environments of the world, many environments come with unique Regional Conditions that will harm your character if not propperly prepared.

As seen in the picture above, entering Ice Dungeon Level 1 triggers the information that the character will receive +32 Cold Dmg. While at the same time the character in his current state already has 3 cold resistance. This let’s us conclude that Ice Dungeon Level 1 has a total Regional Condition Damage (Cold) of 32 + 3 = 35 Damage every 30 secs.

The math is simple, if you enter Ice Dungeon Level 1 with 0 Cold Resistance you will get +35 Damage every 30 seconds. If you entered with 20 Cold Resistance you would receive +15 Damage every 30 secs, if you entered with 30 Cold Resistance, well you would only get +5 damage every 30 secs.

As soon as your Resistance for the specific regional condition is higher than the damage output of the region, you are safe and will receive no damage.

Nice to know: Any Regional Condition Damage that is cold based can be counteracted by standing close to a campfire

Most dungeons, graveyards, swamps and other regions that yield large rewards in form of fame, karma or loot may have a condition damage set, so equipping the right gear for the right adventure is very important.

All codition damage is unblockable and un-cureable, so there is no quickfix other than getting hold of the right gear. Often monsters in the regions drop gear that help you overcome the condition damage.

Some mines also hold condition damage making mining there a little harder, but often makes up for it with high concentration of certain ores.

Entering an area that has condition damage set will instantly give you the information about the damage you will receive.

Gearscore System

All items you find or loot in the world will as standard be unidentified, so you either need to quickly train your item identification or inscription to craft Scrolls Of Wisdom.

Once an item is identified, you will be able to see its Item Score.

All items such as: jewelry, armors, clothes, tools and weapons all have an itemscore, each itemscore is calculated based on the item stats and bonusses, the formula is rather complex and remains a secret.

However once you equip items your character will start to accumulate Gearscore. You can view your Gearscore at the “Orb Of Truth”

Calculating the Gearscore is rather easy, it is simply the sum of all your equipped items Item Score, so in this case the character above is wearing a full Lava Platemail set where each piece has a Item Score of 142, so our Gear Score is: 6 x 142 = 852

You will require to hunt, craft and trade for better gear with better Item Score so you may increase your Gearscore, as some dungeons require a certain Gearscore to allow you entrance, also some quests and achievements are linked to your Gearscore.