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After a little downtime during christmas and new year, due to a change of the network installation, the server is back up.

Alongside the server being backup we also added a “Roadmap” page on the main homepage, giving players a good insight into whats going on, and what to expect. Here we want to remind players to actively come with suggestions via our discord channel. All suggestions are taken serious and may be incorporated into the overall Roadmap.

Currently we are working on adding the new Mastercraft and Bulk menu options to all crafting menus.

The Mastercraft Menu Option lets the greatest crafters show off their ability by offering the option to color and rename items, if you are a Grand Master in the specific crafting skill. There is offcourse a chance to fail the attempt to color or rename any item, and failure will have consequences (diferent consequences depending on what crafting skill you are using)

Some Mastercraft menus only lets you modify items which have Durability or Itemscore (Like the Balcksmithing Mastercraft) as where for example Carpentry lets you modify all items craftable within its skill.

Note: If you for example enter the Blacksmithing Mastercraft Menu, you can only alter items crafted with Balcksmithing.

Colors vary from Mastercraft skillline to Mastercraft Skillline, however some colors are also represented in several. But the price for coloring or naming Items is the same across all crafting skills.

The successchance is calculated based on your stats and skills that are linked to the Grand Master skill you are accessing (in the above example Blacksmithing) and those are then held up against a number roll.

For the Blacksmithing Mastercraft Item Coloring the formula is: (Blacksmithing + Armslore + Luck + Int + Dex + Str + ItemID) / 4 – And then held up against a random roll between 10.0 and 100.0 where if the Random roll is higher than your Mastercraft Skill, you fail your attempt.

(Grandmaster skills are calculated as 100.0 and stats at 100 are 10.0)

Each Mastercraft Skill (Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Alchemy, Inscription, Tinkering, etc.) All consist of three skills, three stats and luck.

For Blacksmithing the skills are: Blacksmithing, Armslore & ItemID .. For Carpentry its: Carpentry, Lumberjacking & ItemID. Etc. Etc.

Besides the Mastercraft Menu Option, all crafting skills will now also get the “Bulk Crafting Menu Option” – This option is found at the bottom right of all crafting menus.

The system is rather simple, once opned you select how many items you want to craft, then you click “Continue” and target the item in your inventory you wish to craft in the selected amount. (so you need to craft one first, and then select it for bulk crafting)

The system will check if you have the skill and the resoruces to craft minimum one piece of the selected item. If this check is passed the bulk crafting system starts.

The system will craft as many pieces of the selected item it can, until it runs out of resoruces in your backpack or it reaches the selected max amount which you chose in the menu.

If you take damage, lose mana, stamina or move away from a required soruce (like a forge for blacksmithing for example) the system stops.

There is a 5 sec. loop delay between each crafting attempt. pr. piece. Your character will do a count overhead when crafting, so you can follow the progress if you go AFK and come back while you started the Bulk crafting.

There is full skillgain possibility when bulk crafting, just as it would be if you clicked and crafted one-by-one.

So if you want to train Blacksmithing for example, just stack up on iron ingots, find a forge, craft a single dagger, and then bulk craft 100 pieces of that dagger. Voila, build in Macro.

We expect to have the two systems up and running on all crafting skills within a day or two – currently they are up and running on Balcksmithing and Carpentry only

We hope you will enjoy the new systems, and hope to see you online.

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