Patch 1.5 – Is now live

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We have been working on pushing out this latest patch for quite some time, the patch brings some much needed re-balancing, new features, and QOL updates, so lets dig right into it.


The first major change is the New Imbuing skill, which now no longer is a Elven exclusive, Imbuing has been opened up to all players, and brings the ability to enhance your armors and weapons with skills, stats and slayer giving traits. The skill requires quite a moderate amount of rarer resources, therefore skillgain is almost guaranteed, no matter if you fail or succeed. – We hope you will enjoy this new system.


With the Imbuing skill no longer being an Elves exclusively, we needed to give the Elves something new which is unique to their race, hence all NPC’s with the brain type: brain_dragon (this includes most Dragons, Drakes and so forth) are now only tameable by the Elves, hence giving them the upper hand when it comes to pet taming and trading.


With this latest patch, a new Dungeon will also soon open its doors, we are putting final decorative touches on The Sewers Dungeon, and expect it to open for public tomorrow (Sunday evening 05-11-2023). – With the Sewers come some new systems and functions, to make your Dungeon Adventure even more exciting, but also more challenging.

One of those new systems is a new Treasure Chest (Mounts) – use your lock-picking skill on, in the Sewers Dungeon, and cross your fingers for a 1 out of 3 rare mount drop. Furthermore another new system is the new improved Hazards system, which now can render pets and mounts prohibited in some regions or Dungeons, so Remember to check your “.Hazards” every time you enter a new Region.


Patch 1.5 also eliminates a long list of know bugs, such as Armors and weapons not correctly showing their skill-bonuses, or NPC’s not correctly equipping weapons, and many more bugs. But you guys are still discovering new bugs everyday, so please keep posting them in our discord.


Sometimes when implementing new systems (such as the new Imbuing system) some new bugs are created that wont effect new items that are going to be created, but it may affect old items already created. – Normally this is then a job for an in-game GM to come and solve for the players. However with Patch 1.5 we have also added in a “Fixer” NPC, which players can go visit to get known bugs related to old items fixed, you will find a “Fixer” near the bank in every major City, currently he can help you with equipment that shows +0.0 in skill bonus.

We hope you all will enjoy this new patch, and we are looking forward to see you online!

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