New Pet / Follower and Elven Ballance Patch Applied.

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To motivate adventures to hone their own fighting skills more, we have reduced the overall Follower limit to a maximum of 2 Followers pr. Character.

Most pets will take up 1 Follower Slot, where Dragons, Drakes and larger or stronger pets will take up the maximum of two.

This way players can no longer stack up on 5 Frost Hounds and power through all dungeons, and slay all bosses.

If you want to travel with a mount, you only have one Follower Slot left, as the mount also takes up one slot.

To adjust for this change, the elves (who prior to this patch could have up to 5 followers) now received a passive Arrow and Bolt gain instead, as well as we implemented the “Greater Tame” trait to some monsters and animals (will be shown in the Animal Lore window), these Greater Tameables are only tameable by the Elven Race.

So now your pets become even more important, as its no longer a question of quantity, but quality. Furthermore going in and supporting your pet by dealing ranged, magic or meele damage also makes more sense now.

(As for your already stored pets that take up more than 2 slots, please contact a GM to fix these pets. as the changes of the patch cant affect shrunken and already tamed pets)

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